“A disciplined mind brings happiness.”

“Ardently do today what must be done. Who knows? Tomorrow, death comes.”

“All tremble at violence; all fear death. Putting oneself in the place of another, one should not kill nor cause another to kill.”

Author: Bao Thanh Master

2014 Pilgrim Temples- Hành Hương Lễ Phật

Pilgrim to many temples to pay respect to the Buddha and all the Venerable. It is nice to go to other temples to pay respect to the Buddha and visit to pay the humble to the elderly monks. Ven. Thich Bao Thanh, he is always do that every time when he comes back to Viet […]

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2014 Release Fish- Phóng Sanh Cá Ở Minnesota

Release fishes in Minnesota. Every year Ven. Thich Bao Thanh goes to Minnesota to share his teaching with friends in Minnesota. In the late of summertime in 2014 he was there and after the teaching, all went to release fishes in the river and prayed for them to have a long live still. That is […]

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2014 Dhamma Talk In Sai Gon- Pháp Thoại Ở Sài Gòn

Ven. Bao Thanh got together with a group of young members in Sai Gon in 2014 to share about his experience of Budhist practice.  Thầy Bảo Thành cùng phật tử ở Sài Gòn có buổi pháp thoại giao lưu năm 2014. Quý phật tử thật chân thành trong tinh thần cầu học phật đạo. 

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2014 Chư Tăng Và Tôn Túc Ở Cali

Got together with the sangha in Cali. Ven. Thich Bao Thanh was in California in the early of 2014 to meet with the elderly monks.  Đảnh Lễ chư Tăng Ni ở Cali. Thầy  Bảo Thành đến California đảnh lễ Chư Tôn Đức Tăng Ni trong những ngày tháng đầu của năm 2014.

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